Kerry Ross is an architectural consultant and project manager with 18 years experience in a wide variety of building types.  As a LEED® Accredited Professional and one of the first accredited Green Roof Professionals in Western Canada, she is committed to searching for innovations in design to lessen the impacts that buildings have on the environment. Her vision of successful architecture is one that strikes a balance between a building’s usefulness, its durability and visual delight all within a matrix of nature.
Along with a collaborative group involved in green roofing, Kerry co-founded the Alberta Ecoroof Initiative (AEI) Demonstration and Research Green Roof Project in Calgary in 2004 and became a local champion for green roof technology and sustainable building design in the province. The demonstration project has evolved over the past five years from a demonstration project to a site for educational programming and field research into plant species suitability, stormwater mitigation and maintenance programs.  She has been involved in the design and installation of numerous green roofs project in Alberta and is currently the project lead for a research and demonstration green roof project on the Calgary Municipal Hall to provide local performance data for stormwater mitigation, heat transfer/energy efficiency, plants species adaptation and quantifying maintenance practices.