food roof

Location: Kensington neighbourhood, Calgary
Client: Private
Construction date: 2016
Size: 400 sq. ft.
Services Provided: Design  

in effort to regain space for vegetable gardening in an inner city single-family home, raised beds were added to top of garage roof.

This small scale green roof garage serves as a garden patch for a young and growing family. It produces an abundant amount of tomatoes and other vegetables in depths of 20” of growing medium. The rooftop location prevents the local jackrabbits from sampling the crops and helps optimize the use of outdoor space in a narrow inner city lot. The height above ground reduces the amount of shading the garden would get from other buildings and the heat build up on the adjacent wall of the house creates a wonderful microclimate which produced a bumper crop of tomatoes.

The roof is accessed by an external wood staircase from the back garden provides safety is provided by a tall parapet walls enclose the roof. A composting bin is located on the roof and watering is provided manually.