low impact development guidelines


Some of the outcomes of this guidance document include:

  • A recommended range of growing medium depth;
  • A list of viable plant species;
  • Reference checklists to use in the design and construction phases of a green roof project.

Technical Guidance for Design, Construction and Maintenance of Source Control Practices for the City of Calgary’s Low Impact Development (LID) Program, Green Roofs.

This project entailed the development of a technical guide for the design, construction and maintenance of green roofs for stormwater mitigation. The goal of this guide was to, first, enable the City of Calgary to recognize the potential of green roofs to meet stormwater performance targets; and second, to promote a better understanding of green roof technology in the community. 

Using the Water Balance Model, we evaluated various off-the-shelf assemblies for their ability to reduce stormwater runoff rates and volume. Case studies illustrated various design solutions and discussed the  requirements for maintenance and costs.